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Design Friendly TV Solutions

by Ronald Elias

There is so much more to these TVs than meets the eye. 

At Louisa's Electronics, we get it -- picking out new TVs for your home is an exciting process, and for many it may be the best part of planning a smart home. But, sometimes technology needs -- like TVs -- can clash with the other needs of the house: design needs, aesthetic goals, Feng Shui, or what have you. 

That's where these designs friendly TV solutions come in. There are a lot of different TV solutions out there that blend design with detail, technology with theater theatrics, and can give you a great TV solution without taking away from the environment or design of your space. Many people don't even know about these types of TVs, so we wanted to take time to focus on them this week and help educate our clients about the great hidden TV options that are available.

Artistic Solutions

If you've ever designed a media room, you probably know how the song and dance goes: Figure out where you are going to put the TV, and then design the rest of the space around it. If you are bringing a massive HD TV home, this can get tricky, and sometimes you may have to modify a room's design in order for a TV to fit in there. 

The good news is that many manufactures understand this, and they’ve created a wide array of solutions that help give you artistic TVs that can enhance -- not detract from -- the decor of your home. 

From TVs that look like art when they’re off, to slim TVs that almost disappear into the wall, there are myriad artistic solutions that can work for you and your home, giving you the best of both technology and design. Some even use 3rd party software to display digital art when the screen isn’t being used! If you have an idea in mind but can't quite seem to find the right TV, we can help out -- just give us a call at 970-259-7985 and we'd be glad to go over all the different hidden TV solutions that might work for your space. 

Hide-away Solutions

TVs, much like life, operate under a simple rule of thumb: Sometimes it really is best to compromise. 

If you are designing your theater or media room and just can't seem to figure out how to include a TV in the design while still keeping all the other design elements intact, then you might need to do just that: compromise. But with these hidden TV solutions, it won’t feel like a compromise at all.

And with today's TVs, the compromises are good ones. Whether you are looking at a drop down TV that can hide away when you aren't using it, or a TV that is hidden under your bed or behind a panel in the wall, any of these options can give you a great TV when you want one, and hide it away when you don't want it detracting from the environment.   

Of course, you could consider a hide-away screen and projector solution, as well. Whatever you will think will work best for your space. 

Mirror TV Solutions

Even if you aren't aware of it, you've probably ran into mirrored TVs at some point in your life. They are often used on cruises, in hotels, or other resort areas. Bringing that same technology home can really make your space feel as inviting as best-in-class vacation areas. 

Whether you are looking for a vanity TV mirror, an entertainment TV mirror, or just a lighted and/or smart mirror, mirror TVs give you the ability to access video throughout the entire home. They go where you can't fit other TVs, in other words, while still providing you a custom glass mirror. These mirror TVs can even have smart functionality. It really gives you that whole home video experience in a way that other products just can’t match.

Imagine catching up on the latest news as you brush your teeth or seeing the highlights from the game as you put on your makeup and get ready every morning. With mirror TVs, you can do just this -- and you still get quality glass that is as true to a mirror as possible, too. Mirror TVs give you the best of both worlds and combine technology and design in a way that is going to delight and entertain family, friends, and guests alike for years to come. 

It used to be that people would have to pick between getting a nice TV and having an attractive living room or media space -- but that's just not true anymore. With all these different mirror and hidden TV options, you too can create an aesthetically pleasing room that combines your TV needs with your design sensibilities. Even better -- we're here to help!  Give us a call today at 970-259-7985 -- we're just waiting right on the other side of the looking glass. 

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