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How Smart Technology Can Help You Save on Your Summer Energy Bills

by Ronald Elias

Nobody likes to throw money away.

It can be hard to keep your utility bills under control while still enjoying a comfortable home especially during the summer months. Whether it's central air, window units, or any other form of air conditioning, running it throughout a stifling summer may keep the temperature down, but it probably keeps the energy bills up.  

One of our goals at Louisa's Electronics is to make sure our customers are always knowledgeable about how the smart technology we offer can improve their lives in different ways -- and that includes fiscally. Wipe the sweat off your brow -- this week we are going to look at how smart technology and automation can help you save money this summer ... while still keeping you cool and comfortable.


Smart Climate

When it comes to summertime, nobody wants to sit in a hot, sticky living room and sweat while trying to relax. The first step toward saving money on your summer energy bills is an automated climate control system, which takes the best parts of smart home automation and combines them with the functionality of a regular home thermostat. You'll be able to manage your home's heating and cooling all from one interface, be it your cell phone or a wall panel.

Even better, you can also create and manage set points for different rooms based on the time of the year. If you want to keep the air low so your sun room is nice and warm all summer and also want to make sure it is set to stay warm throughout the winter, that is totally possible. You can also set up different set points based on the time of the day, to ensure your bedrooms are cooled to comfortable levels before you crawl into bed every night.

By relying on the automation of your smart climate system, not only are you saving on things you must remember to do but you are also bringing those energy bills down. Instead of turning on the AC before you go to bed and having it run all night -- or turning it on in the morning and leaving it running all day -- you can use automation to only run the air when and how you need it, maximizing your cooling efforts while also optimizing electricity usage. These systems can monitor everything from inside and outside temperature to humidity, helping to make sure that your home is always at whatever temperature you set, no matter what is going on with the weather outside.


Smart Lighting

If there's one thing that our parents always tried to teach us, it was to make sure that we turned off the lights when we left a room.

But now that we are the adults in the room, we've realized that we aren't perfect, and we're sure you run into the same issue with our children -- especially if you have a larger home with lots of rooms and light switches everywhere. If you really want to save energy and money on lighting costs, lighting control is the way to go.

With smart lighting controls, there are a bunch of ways you can automate your lights to reduce energy usage. With occupancy sensors, you won't have to worry about the kids, or guests, leaving the lights on. Instead, the sensors can be set to turn lights on or off based on room occupancy. Forget worrying about forgetting -- let your smart home take care of that for you.

Smart dimmers and keypads are effective as well. Instead of a binary on/off option for a single light, smart dimmers can control groups of lights at once at various brightness levels, helping you reduce usage when you don't need it.


Smart Shades

Climate and lighting aren't the only two areas where smart technology can help you save this summer. Smart shading also has an important role to play in energy efficiency.

Maybe you have a westward-facing set of windows. You want it to be open in the morning, but the room gets hot if the shades are left open all day. And typically, if you’re away you may not be able to close them. If you could multiply that amount of time per day per shade for the next 30 years -- the time adds up. And that’s time better spent elsewhere.

Smart shading can help fix that! With smart shades, you can set your shades on schedules -- you can even set different shades around the house on different schedules -- to make sure you are keeping the house comfortable without having to manually raise and lower them multiple times a day.

These are just some of the basic ways that smart climate, lighting, and shading can help you save energy -- and money -- this summer! Of course, the benefits that a smart home brings you aren't only useful in the summer -- a smart home can improve your life year-round! If you want to find out how, all you need to do is head on over to our contact page or give us a call today at 970-259-7985 .