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How Outdoor Projectors can help you make the Ultimate Home Theater

by Ronald Elias

With a home projector you can go big and go home at the same time. 

At Louisa's Electronics, we know that this summer is going to be different than summers past, but that's no reason to throw in the towel and stop having fun. Things might seem especially hard for movie fans as theaters struggle to open and release date after release date is pushed back. 

But what if you brought the silver screen ... home? Instead of having to deal with other people and tickets and finding the right seat, you and your family could just walk into the back yard and have the best seat in the house. Sounds good, doesn't it? Let's look at some of the benefits you and your family can get from a home projector powering your outdoor theater. 

Bigger is Better 

One of the hardest things to get used to if you are only watching movies at home is the size difference between most home TV screens and the larger screen sizes found in theaters. 4K HD TVs are a great way to bring the theater-quality image home but getting them in large sizes is expensive and unwieldy. You'd also need to make sure you have an indoor space large enough for such a screen, which may not be feasible.  

If you really want to bring the size and scope of your favorite theater to your home, then the best way to do that is with a projector. Even a starter projector can manage screen sizes up to 120" -- something you just can't get out of comparable standard TV sets. 

So, if you are looking for a screen that is able to replicate that theater experience, or are just looking for a screen that is big enough so that your family or friends can sit around it and still be socially distanced, then a large outdoor projector is just what the director called for. 

Easy on the Eye 

Size isn't the only benefit you get from using a projector. While you're here, let's look at a few other reasons you really should invest in an outdoor movie screen -- and the first one might come as a surprise to many of you.

If you are a big movie fan -- or just enjoy having summer movie marathons -- you are probably more than used to eye strain. Especially if you work in front of a computer all day, check your phone during breaks, and end your day by relaxing with a show or movie -- our eyes can only take so much before eye strain starts to kick in.

What does this all have to do with projectors? Projectors use reflected light instead of the emitted light that TV sets use -- and reflected light is easier on the eyes. This means that watching longer movies on a projector is actually better for your health than watching them on a traditional TV screen. Size plays a role here, as well: If you are constantly trying to focus on a screen that is too small, that can cause eye strain. The bigger picture that you get from a projector? Less likely to cause eye strain. 

If anybody asks why you are getting a projector -- or you need to convince the rest of your family why investing in one is a good idea -- just play up the health angle. It's better for the whole family to watch movies on a larger screen! 

The DLP Parade 

Let's get right down to brass tacks. If you are a big movie aficionado and you want to bring the best picture possible home -- no matter how big the screen is or how much better for your eyes it can be -- you care about quality. And if projectors can't give you a better-quality image, then they aren't going to be worth it. 

That's fine. We've saved the best part of the argument for last. Don't worry; projectors can give you a better-quality picture, too. And they do it with just three little letters: DLP. 

Digital Light Process (DLP) is a chipset technology that uses digital micro mirrors. The same technology is used in most digital cinema projection, which means that a home DLP projector is taking you just another step closer to the same quality picture you see in theaters.

It also means better quality images when compared to LCD TV sets. Motion resolution is going to be better, which means that on your projector you will see less motion blur. This is especially important in fast scenes and exciting actions movies – both of which DLP will help look better. 

No matter what type of movies you want to watch this summer, an outdoor movie screen is going to make a huge difference in your experience. When it comes to getting a projector picked out, getting the right screen, and having it installed properly you’ll want to talk with professionals -- that's what we are here for! Give us a call today at 970-259-7985 and we'll be glad to help you get your own red-carpet worthy theater set up in your back yard. 

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