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Room by Room Automation: How to Automate Every Room in Your Home with Smart Tech

by Ann Ferguson

When it comes to smart home automation, there are tons of options to think about, and we mean a TON. But where should you start thinking? We suggest going room by room.

You can add smart technology to just about any room — ANY room. Can you put smart tech in the bathroom? YES. In the hallway? Yup. In the basement, backyard, or garage? Yes, yes, and yes!

This guide will show you what your smart home can look like in every room!


Beautiful entryway with smart lock

The entryway — specifically the door — is the first place to start automating your home. With a smart door lock, you'll get extra peace of mind from the remote locking, specialized codes, and more. You can set it up so the lock senses whenever your smartphone is near and locks or unlocks the door accordingly. And if you connect it to your smart security system, you can set it so that your security system is armed once the door is locked.

And if you add a smart video doorbell to your home, you can also check on who approaches your home from anywhere and remotely talk to them through the speaker, which is helpful if you get a lot of deliveries!

Pro Tip: Add entry sensors to the windows and door and always be alerted to any movement!

Living Room

When it comes to the living room, you can do many things with smart automation, including automating your lights, smart vacuum, speakers, and smart TV.

  • Smart Bulbs: last 10x longer than regular bulbs, use 8.5 watts of electricity, are easy to install, and let you change the color, brightness or dimness, and lighting schedule. You can set up rules to switch on the porch or path light as you come home.
  • Smart Vacuum: Set it so the smart vacuum only runs when you're out of the house, so you don't have to deal with the noise.
  • Smart Speakers: Helps control the entertainment through voice-activated commands or your smartphone.
  • Smart TV: Operate TV through multiple options, including voice command and smartphone usage, so you don't have to worry about losing the remote.
  • Smart Shades: Keep the room perfectly shaded by setting up a schedule or automating it to close whenever there is light.


Woman using voice commands in the kitchen with smart speaker

The kitchen is another great room to add smart technology. With a voice-activated speaker, you can operate other smart appliances with just your voice. You can also add to your shopping list and have your phone remind you what you need when you're in the store, play music, make phone calls, check the weather, ask questions, and play games.

And don't forget about smart plugs! These handy little devices can turn almost any appliance into a smart one. You can automatically switch off lights or appliances if they are plugged into the smart outlets.


In the bedroom, you can use similar automation to the other parts of your home, like smart plugs to operate your lamps and a smart speaker for voice commands. But you can also add a smart CO detector for better reliability, and a smart smoke alarm that won't chirp at you all night because of a low battery.

And as a cherry on top, when you add smart shades to your bedroom, you can wake up to natural light automatically and keep it nice and dark for when you want to sleep.


Woman using smart mirror to start her day

You might not think it, but you can significantly benefit from adding smart home technology to your bathroom:

  • Smart Outlets: Plug in small, handheld appliances like a flat iron and never worry about leaving it on when no one is home.
  • Water-Resistant Speakers: Keep connected while starting your day and get acquainted with your schedule.
  • Smart Bathroom Mirrors: Work like built-in TVs where you can catch the morning news, get the weather report, or even catch a show.
  • Digital Scale: Connect a digital scale to your phone to better track your fitness and health

Pro Tip: Treat yourself to even more luxury with heated floors and heated toilet seats that you can control remotely!


Another place to add smart home tech is your hallway, specifically with a smart thermostat. This way, you can program your AC and heating to more energy-efficient settings, especially when no one is home. And the more you use it, the more the thermostat will anticipate your needs, so you don't always have to keep messing with the settings.

You can also add indoor cameras to keep track of the comings and goings in your home, monitor your children, and see what you're pets are up to.


Smart tech in the basement? Yes. Whether you use your basement as a guest room, laundry room, man cave, etc., adding smart technology can only benefit you. For instance, with water leak sensors, you can immediately know the second there is a burst pipe or faulty water heater. And if you connect it to a smart shut-off valve, you can even turn it off remotely.

Some water leak sensors even alert you to standing water and persistently damp areas in hard-to-see places like inside the walls so you can avoid mold. If you want to get fancy, you can connect these sensors to your upstairs smart lights, so they flash in warning whenever there is a leak.

Pro Tip: Add glass break sensors to the windows and instantly know if there is an intruder (connect to your smart security system to alert the authorities automatically).


 Security camera set up in the backyard

When it comes to your backyard, there might not be a lot to automate. But with security cameras, you can easily keep track of what's going on in the yard and be instantly alerted to suspicious activity. And while most security cameras can do that, with a smart security system, the technology will tell the difference between an intruder and a randy raccoon.

You can also install a pet camera to monitor where they go when they're outside. Additionally, you can also add motion sensors to your landscape lights and connect them to your security system and feel even more secure

Pro Tip: If you have a pool, children, and pets, keep everyone safe with pool sensors that instantly alert you to water movement in case someone falls in.


Two-door garage closed tight in nice home

If you have a garage, it's in your best interest to automate those doors in addition your home's front door. With a smart garage door opener, you'll know if and when the door is left open, be able to close it remotely with a Wi-Fi connection, and set up alerts for whenever the doors open and close.

And if you're always getting deliveries and don't want them to pile up at the front door, you can direct drivers to leave the packages inside the garage with your smart video doorbell and close the garage when they leave.

Time to Automate

As you can see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to automating your home with smart technology. So don't wait; Start planning your dream smart home with Louisa's Electronics today!

Contact our team to set up a consultation appointment and learn more about what your smart home can look like!