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Keep Your Home Secure: Why You Should Get a Home Security System

by Ann Ferguson

We all do things to keep our homes more secure: getting a dog to bark at intruders, keeping the front door locked, putting in bright lights, etc. And while all these steps are reasonable security measures, they don't bring the same peace of mind as a home security system.

On average, a burglary occurs every 30 seconds in America — that's over 3,000 a day! There's no telling if your home could be a target, but you'll have the most significant burglary deterrent at your disposal with a home security system. But it's not just burglaries that security systems protect against; they also alert you to the dangers of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even water damage.

A home security system will only benefit you, but if you're wondering when to get one or are still undecided on why you need one, then you're in the right place! We'll go over why a security system is what you need.

Self-Monitoring vs. Professional Monitoring

Professionals monitoring security

Before we dive into why you should get a home security system, first, you'll need to decide whether you want to monitor the system yourself or pay extra for a professional service. While self-monitoring is cheaper, you won't be able to monitor your system 24 hours a day actively — it's too easy to miss something, especially if you're sleeping.

With professional monitoring, the service works round the clock and constantly keeps track of your home's alerts. If an emergency does occur, these trained professionals know exactly how to respond, including which emergency service to contact. And since these alerts come from a professional source, the emergency response times are faster.

Bye Bye, Burglars

Of course, one of the main reasons to get a home security system is if you're worried about a burglary. But did you know that burglars are less likely to invade your home when there are obvious signs of a security system, like yard signs, outdoor cameras, etc.?

Eighty-three percent of burglars look for signs you have an alarm, and over half say they will give up their plans when they see one. And if they do attempt to enter your home, with security motion sensors on the windows and doors, you'll know the instant someone tries.

Pro Tip: For an even more significant burglary deterrent, tie in bright lights and loud alarms whenever a security alert goes off.

Smart Home Convenience

Locking smart lock with phone

One of the biggest draws of a home security system is the smart home convenience. Most systems work with your home automations since they use sensors to respond to your needs, communicate wirelessly, and work with smart devices. So, what does that look like?

  • Lights: Have motion-activated lights that tie into your surveillance system to know who or what is near your home.
  • Garage Door: Input a unique code for your garage door that opens it and temporarily disarms your security system until you get inside.
  • Smoke Alarms: Get an alert the instant they go off, shut off false alarms from your phone, and turn off the HVAC system in case of smoke.
  • Door Locks: Create individual codes for each person in your home and always know who's coming and going; you can also do away with codes and use location-activated automation.
  • Video Doorbells: Monitor the comings and goings to your front door through your security system and potentially scare off porch pirates with the two-way speaker.
  • Motion Sensors: Get notified exactly who enters or leaves, which is ideal for keeping an eye on wayward teens or elderly grandparents with memory issues.

When it comes to combining smart automation with your home security system, there's not much you can't do!

Save Energy

Panel with security, temperature, and water levels

You might not think it, but a home security system can help you save energy. When you tie your smart thermostat and lights to your security system, you can always keep track of your home environment.

If you set up the right trigger, you can be alerted when someone left the lights or the AC on, so you can turn them off remotely. That way, you're not wasting energy while no one is home!

Video Surveillance

Security camera in kids room

A home security system is nothing without surveillance. With outdoor security cameras, you'll always be able to monitor and track who's coming and going into your home, including mischievous wildlife getting into your trash!

But if you also include indoor surveillance, you can properly monitor what goes on inside. If you place cameras near the stairs, entryway, or hallways, you can instantly identify who is in your home whenever you get an alert of suspicious activity. Like if you forgot the dogwalker was coming by and you get alerted to someone moving in your home, you can see it all remotely.

And if you want to keep an eye on your kids while you're working, you can place surveillance cameras in the playroom to make sure they don’t get up to something!

Home Insurance Discounts

When buying a new home or remortgaging your current one, you must keep home insurance premiums in mind. But with a home security system in place, you can get up to a 20 percent discount! Which is a lot over the years!

Keep in mind that insurance discounts are based on a professionally monitored system that also includes environmental monitoring, including fire, smoke, and water.

Make Your Home More Secure

Woman arming system before leaving the house

A lot goes into making your home more secure, but a home security system is one way to give you the peace of mind you crave. And if you want to streamline your smart automation, you need a home security system from Louisa's Electronics!

Are you ready to get started? Make a consultation appointment with us today! We'll walk you through which security system is best for your needs and how to integrate it seamlessly with your home automation.