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Is Your Home Technology Ready for the PlayStation 5?

by Ronald Elias

It’s time to get your game on.

Most of the time on our blog here at Louisa's Electronics is spent helping our customers learn more about all the latest and greatest aspects of smart home technology and how they best can integrate that technology into their life. 

But we all know that your home entertainment system is being used for more than TV and movies, and for a lot of you, a big screen and surround sound means one thing: Better ways to play and immerse yourself into your favorite video games. 

It’s not every day that a new generation of consoles comes out! To help mark the occasion and celebrate a little bit, we’re spending time this week to look at some of the amazing technological advancements coming from Sony and the PlayStation 5, and how to make sure that your home technology is ready to keep up. Let’s take a look and get ready to play! 

Revving up the Resolution 

It’s probably one of the first things people wonder whenever it’s time for a new generation of video game consoles: What will the games look like?

There are a lot of new features and power under the hood of the PlayStation 5, so you are going to want to make sure you have the latest in display technology to take advantage of the system’s power and get the best graphical fidelity possible. 

First off, the PS5 boasts ray tracing, which is going to bring a whole new level of realism to the way rays of light work in-game – you’ll be able to notice true-to-life shadows and reflections in supported games.

On the resolution side of things, the PS5 supports 4K, which means that if you are still holding onto an old 1080p set, you’ll need to upgrade to enjoy the best of what the PS5 has to offer. However, it doesn’t stop there, and neither should you: The PS5 also supports HDR, 120 FPS and 120Hz output, so you’ll want to make sure that your display can take advantage of those graphical enhancements, as well. 

Wait, is that all? Nope! Sony has also included 8K output on their newest system. You don’t need an 8K screen for the PS5, but given that it supports the enhanced resolution, you’d be missing out if you didn’t take this chance to upgrade your TV to the latest resolution tech. 

Don’t worry -- if you need help picking out a great 8K TV, well, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 970-259-7985 today and we’d be glad to help you find an 8K system ready for all your gaming and entertainment needs. 

Need for Speed

Can you keep up? We know we’ve been throwing a lot of numbers at you, but Sony isn’t done yet, and neither are we. Ready for next-generation computing speeds? The PlayStation 5 has a custom CPU that will deliver top class speed and processing power. 

Speaking of speed, we haven’t even mentioned the high-speed SSD yet. Sony is touting almost instant load times for PS5 games that are installed on this new internal drive. The SSD also has Integrated I/O, which increases how fast data can be pulled from the drive. Long loading times and snack breaks are going to be a thing of the past. 

Networking Needs

We’ve already covered the display needs of the PS5, but what about the networking needs for the system? How is your home network going to hold up?

There’s a couple of things to remember here: First, the PS5 can stream 4K content – and those streaming files aren’t anything to shake a stick at. Also, digital games – you can go all digital with the PS5 Digital Edition – are going to need that bandwidth and internet speed to download the immense file sizes of both PS4 and PS5 games. You don’t want to have to wait hours and hours for games to download or update, so give us a call at 970-259-7985 ! We can help optimize and get you set up with a whole-home Wi-Fi network that can hold up to even the greatest gaming demands. 

Hearing is Believing 

Last but not least, we want to mention another new feature of the PS5 – and this one is for your ears, not your eyes. 

The PlayStation 5 is bringing Tempest 3D AudioTech along for the ride – at least in supported games – which works to make it feel like you are hearing sound from every direction. And you know what makes this even better? A top-of-the-line home theater sound system that will make you really feel every blast and explosion as it takes place on screen. There’s nothing better than a new sound system to go with your new TV and video game system!

We don’t plan on leaving you alone to fend for yourself in setting up such an awesome home entertainment system, either. If you are interested in learning more about 8K TVs, sound systems, or anything else to help you make the best gaming space possible, give us a call at 970-259-7985 today! 

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