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How to Make Your Speaker System Your Home's Best Kept Secret

by Ann Ferguson

Do you dream of top-of-the-line speakers and an incredible home design? Having both is more than possible, and you don't have to compromise on either one!

How can you do that? By hiding your speaker system in plain sight! We'll show you how to disguise your speakers with different custom solutions so you can make your sound emerge out of nowhere while maintaining your home's design!

In the Wall or the Ceiling?

Living room home theater with in-wall speakers

One of the easiest ways to hide your audio is with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. Both speakers are recessed into the sheetrock with a mounting bracket, but while the grilles are still noticeable, you can paint those the same color as the walls. And you don't have to worry about the wires since your installer will run them for you.

With in-ceiling speakers, you need to take care of which rooms you put them in since sound travels. So, if you have a young child, having in-ceiling speakers in the room above them might make it hard for them to stay asleep.

Pro Tip: Make sure to choose speakers with full enclosures to minimize sound reflections and keep your sound pure.

Cloak of Invisibility

Hands installing drywall

Have you heard of invisible speakers? They work just like in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, except they don't have exposed grates. Instead, you plaster over invisible speakers, and they stay hidden entirely inside the sheetrock. But don't worry about the quality of your sound — these are designed with superior audio!

The beauty of invisible speakers is that you can also install them within recesses about the size of canned lights so that they blend in with your light fixtures. No matter how often your guests look around, they won't be able to find where the sound is coming from!

What About Bookshelf Speakers?

Home theater with speakers behind cabinet panels

If you have bookshelf speakers you love, don't worry — you can still tuck them away! Don't think you have to stick them on the shelf; You can always mount your speakers in the wall and use coverings to disguise them. Or, if you have your speakers in a cabinet, you can switch out the panels with metal grilles, screens, or speaker cloth to mask them.

But if placing them inside your cabinets isn’t an option, you can also choose speakers with enclosures that match your furniture or hide them behind plants. Either way, the focus will be on your décor!

Pro Tip: Opt for wireless bookshelf speakers so that they can better blend in with your surroundings!

Cover It with Fabric

Home theater with completely hidden speakers, maybe with audio cloth

Acoustic fabric is your secret weapon when it comes to disguising your audio system. Acoustic art panels will match your home design but still offer quality craftsmanship and provide good sound absorption.

You can create custom-made cabinets with the fabric of your choosing so that they blend in with your décor. Or you can create false walls in your home theater that keeps your speakers out of eyesight. You can also find speaker grilles that better fit your décor and really go for that camouflage look!

Master of Disguise

Another way to hide your speakers is if they look like something else entirely! For example, you can have light bulbs that are actually Bluetooth speakers. While they don't have the best sound quality, these would complement your audio system rather well.

You can also use acoustic art or other decorative wall coverings that are acoustically transparent to help cover your speakers. This way, you can enhance your décor while keeping your audio system in tip-top shape!

Conceal And Feel

Mother and daughter dancing to tunes

Whether you want booming sound you can feel in your chest or soft, lulling notes that calm your mind, your sound system will always do your music justice, no matter where you put it. So, if you're ready to conceal your audio system, we'll help you make your sweet sound system the ultimate secret!

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