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5 Cool Things You Didn't Know Your Smartwatch Could Control in Your Smart Home

by Ann Ferguson

Smartwatches might not be able to do as much as your smartphone, but they are a marvel of convenience. They help you track your fitness, let you send quick messages, and free you from lugging your phone everywhere.

But if you have a smart home, a smartwatch can do even more--you can integrate your smartwatch into your smart home! What does that mean? You can control and monitor your smart home automation with a tap on your wrist!

Smartwatches & Automation

Person checking smart notifications on smartwatch

With smartwatches getting smarter, you can now use them to control your smart home! While the functionality is limited, the ease of convenience is bar none. Your smartwatch acts like an additional access point to your smart system, so if you don't have your phone on you or want a break from your phone, you can use your smartwatch.

All you need is the right app to integrate into your home's smart system, and you're good to go. Most smartwatches will have an appropriate app, but if you want more functionality, look for the IFTT app to make "If This, Then That" recipes that control your smart automation. This way, you can relax and keep (mostly) unplugged for a little while.

1. Control Your Lights

Woman controlling lights with smartwatch

One of the things you can control with your smartwatch is your lights! Just tap or slide on your wrist, and you can adjust your lights without ever having to leave your comfortable spot on the couch. With the right app, you'll be able to dim your living room lights or turn off your porch light — all from your wrist!

You can also set up light "scenes" and easily switch from a relaxation scene to a TV-watching scene in an instant. And if you forgot to turn off the lights in the other room, there's no need to get up or even find your phone; just use your watch instead!

2. Adjust the Thermostat

If you've got a smart thermostat, then you know the convenience of being able to adjust your home's temperature from anywhere. But with a smartwatch, you can do it even faster! No more fumbling for your phone when you're already in bed; just tap a few buttons on your watch, and voila — the perfect temperature!

You can also adjust it while commuting home, so you can warm up or cool down your home before you get there. And if you forgot to set your thermostat to "Away" mode before going on vacation, you won't need to get preoccupied with your phone to set it to the mode you want.

3. View Wireless Security Cameras

Security cameras are one of the ways to make your home feel more secure, especially when you can monitor everything in real-time. But with a smartwatch, you won't have to be glued to your phone to see what's going on — you can take a quick glimpse and get back to work in five seconds or less.

With your smartwatch, you'll get screenshots you can pan and tilt, a live feed of your baby monitor or camera, and motion-detection alerts that let you see who's in front of your door.

4. Operate Smart Lock

Person using smart watch to open smart lock

Another advantage of using a smartwatch to control your smart home is when it comes to your smart lock. This is especially true when you come home from grocery shopping and don't have a free hand to search for your keys or phone. Just tap your wrist to your smart lock!

You can get a smartwatch for everyone in the family, and it'll function as everyone's personal key (no more losing or making extra copies). And if they forgot to tap it on their way out, you can easily lock it from anywhere using the app!

5. Receive Smart Alerts

Woman checking smartwatch notifications of smart home

One of the best things about smartwatches is that they can keep you connected even when your phone is out of reach. Whether you're in a meeting or the middle of a conversation, you don't have to be the rude person constantly checking their phone —just take a quick glance at your watch and see all your notifications at once!

You can see who's ringing the doorbell, know when your kid gets home after school, and even get notifications from your security alarms. Your smartwatch is one more way to stay connected to your smart home simply and easily.

Get Smart

With technology constantly improving, it's no wonder that you can operate your smart home using just your watch. And before you know it, you'll have even more options using only your smartwatch — you can count on it! Don't have smart automation yet? No sweat — Louisa's Electronics has you covered!

Contact us today to get you started with a consultation appointment today! There's so much you can do to automate your home, and we're more than happy to show what that can look like!