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Why You Need Smart Blinds This Fall

by Ronald Elias

You probably never knew how exciting blinds could be. 

While “cooler” parts of smart technology like TVs and automation systems may get all the attention, smart blinds can go a long way toward making your house truly feel like home, while also giving you a super convenient way to manage light and temperature in every room. 

All of us here at Louisa's Electronics are really excited about the future of smart home technology and how blinds and shades play a role in that – and we want to make sure you are just as up to date on everything as we are! This week, we’re going to take a look at some of the benefit smart blinds can bring to your smart home, as well as all the conveniences that come with them. 

Pre-set Savings

You probably don’t think about the solar gain and heat loss of your house often, but as we start to head into cooler temperatures, it’s the perfect time to take into consideration how smart technology can help you keep your home comfortable and affordable at the same time. 

With the addition of smart blinds or shades to your smart home, you can easily maximize heat retention throughout the fall and well into the winter and increase your home’s energy efficiency. Your shades can automatically raise or lower on any schedule you set, or they can even open and close depending on outside factors such as the temperature or sunlight. And all of this happens in the background of your life, without you having to worry about managing your shades at all. 

Magical Mornings 

The mood when you get out of bed in the morning can really set the tone for the whole day, and smart blinds can help make sure that you wake up on the right side of the bed, every morning. 

Instead of waking up to blinding lights coming in through your window – or pitch darkness until you walk over and raise your blinds -- you can have your smart blinds take care of the whole process for you. Set them to come up at a certain time or to slowly roll up over a period of time to let your body adjust to the light. 

Combine this with the rest of your smart automation system, and you may actually start to look forward to waking up every morning. Before you even step out of bed your blinds can open, your favorite radio station can come on the speakers, the lights in the hallway can turn on, and the coffee machine downstairs can start brewing. It’s just the smart way to start your day. 

Of course, setting up and programming your smart blinds is something best left to professionals –professionals like us! Give us a call today at 970-259-7985 and we'd be glad to talk about how we can integrate smart blinds into your home and lifestyle. 

Safety and Security 

Smart blinds can also be a great window into the world of home security. 

Or, actually, not a window, but a barrier. Blinds can help give you privacy, even in homes that may have many large windows that face streets or other public areas. You could set your smart blinds in the bathroom to lower anytime someone comes in and turns the lights on – it’s all up to you how you want to take advantage of shades and blinds to give you your privacy. Blackout shades are another great addition and can instantly set the stage for a movie or help make it easier to sleep in on a weekend by completely blocking out natural light from your room. 

And again, when paired with your larger smart home automation system, the advantages of smart blinds only increase. If you want to set your shades to raise and lower at intervals to make it look like you are home, you can program your automation system to adjust both your shades and lights at various times, giving a sense of occupancy even when you are on vacation. 

Additional Benefits 

These are far from the only benefits smart blinds and smart shades can bring to your home. With such shades, you’ll be able to control natural light, enhance the beauty of any room with thousands of fabrics and colors to choose from, and protect fine furnishings and art from sun damage. We’ve already talked about how the smart device-based automated control saves time, and by taking advantage of the preprogramming features, you can easily set your whole shading system up once and then forget about it as it takes care of the rest itself. 

While shades and blinds might not seem like the most exciting new pieces of technology to bring home, all of us here at Louisa's Electronics think you’ll be quite surprised with just how much of an impact they have on you and your family’s life. Give us a call at 970-259-7985 today to talk to one of our experts about how we can help bring the future of smart blinds and shades to your smart home today. 

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